By Shiang-Wan Chin, 2021-2024 FFAR Fellow
at Cornell University

In an era in which sustainable agriculture is not just a choice but a necessity, my research with Dr. Hakeem Weatherspoon at Cornell University introduces a groundbreaking decision support system named Real-Time Optimization and Management System (ROAM). This innovative system is the cornerstone of my research, signifying an advancement in the realm of Digital Agriculture (DA).

ROAM isn’t merely a technological advancement; it’s the embodiment of a new era of data in farming called digital agriculture. By integrating state-of-the-art networking technologies and sophisticated data analysis, ROAM transforms traditional farms into network-enabled farms. This revolutionary technology enables farms to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations in real-time for better productivity and sustainability.

Central to ROAM is the Many-Objective Robust Decision Making (MORDM) framework. This advanced framework is integrated into an intuitive user interface, offering farmers a seamless and efficient decision-making tool. MORDM’s ability to handle multiple objectives and variables makes ROAM even more broadly applicable to providing robust and adaptable solutions to the ever-changing challenges in agriculture

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