FFAR Fellows Lightning Talks 2022

Vote for the best 3-minute Lightning Talk created by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) Fellows!

Criteria for voting: Was the talk clear, compelling, and included the connection between the Fellow’s research and society? Did you learn something interesting and memorable about food and agriculture that you will share with others?

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2022 Finalists


Helping Plants Talk to Soil Microbes

By Siwook Hwang, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.


Developing and Improving Tools for Plant Genome Editing

By Simon Sretenovic, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.


Better Vaccines to Save More Lives

By Echo Pan, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.


Preventing Liver Abscesses: A Balancing Act for Cattle Producers

By Tyler Thomas, 2021-2024 FFAR Fellow.


Taking a Lead in the Race Against Insecticide Resistance

By Swati Mishra, 2021-2024 FFAR Fellow.


Friend or Foe? Shifting Perceptions of Bacteria in Agriculture

By Lauren Andersen, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.


Cellulose to Steak: Exploring Microbes on a Mission

By Sara Tondini, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.


Using UVC Light to Produce Healthy, Fungicide-Free Potatoes

By Shane Hansen, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.


Plant Rx: Nanotechnology to Make the Medicine Go Down

By Alison Lui, 2020-2023 FFAR Fellow.